Robyns are the First Sign of Spring

Here is just what you were waiting for: some Swedish house techno music to get your weekend started. I saw Robyn live last year when she opened for Coldplay, and she blew my mind. She strutted out on stage with her platinum blonde mushroom hair, wearing a bubble wrap see-through jacket and a neon green plastic kilt, and performed a ridiculous set of songs while doing a combination of slow-motion aerobics and having a seizure. At one point, she played a wood block so passionately that I stood up and cheered. She made Will Ferrell’s SNL cowbell playing look like a preschool talent show.

[Sidenote: OMG, how have I not used that picture before.]

I wanted to hate her, I really did. I tend to like my women singers hippie-ish and tortured, with long, flowy skirts and peasant blouses. And I like them to play an instrument. But this robot-dancing Swedish singer, whose instrument playing consisted of pushing a button on a synthesizer and smacking a wood block, made me love her. I came home from the concert and got some of her music, and now she’s my go-to when I want to get pumped up for something (and with my fast-paced life, that is ALL THE TIME).

These are my two favorite Robyn songs. They go well with pickled herring and remaining neutral in international conflicts. Wait, that’s Switzerland. Right? Whatevs, go dance on your own.

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