Walk the Walk

My son walks to school every day, but this week it has been really cold so we have been driving. And to clarify, I mean it has been really, actually cold. Not like, “OMG, guys, it’s normally 76 year round and now it’s 59 degrees, where is my long underwear?!” Yeah, I’m talking to you, friends in SoCal. Today it was so cold that I had this conversation with my son: “Mom, why do you keep squeezing my cheeks?” “I’m just checking to make sure they are not frostbitten oh no TURN AROUND TURN YOUR FACE AWAY FROM THE WIND!”

Now that we’re driving to school, I miss walking with him and his buddies. It’s so nice to start the day listening to elementary school kids talk about their video games and iPhones and all the things that they love that did not exist when I was little.

In honor of my lovely morning walks, please enjoy. The hook of this song is so catchy that I don’t mind the sad lyrics about bad investments and ripping apart socialists. What? Who cares, take a walk.

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