One From the Vault

Several months ago, I marked my calendar that on October 2 Disney was releasing Cinderella from “The Vault.” Well, that day is here. When I ordered it from Amazon on Tuesday I actually felt giddy with excitement that I had the opportunity to buy this movie – like I was in on a secret that all the cool moms knew about. Setting aside the question of what is wrong with me, I would like to know, what is wrong with Disney. Seriously. Do they expect us to believe that there is really a vault? And that their movies are in such demand that people will jump at the rare opportunity to pay too much for them? Well, they are right on both counts. I imagine that the vault is multi-colored and has huge mouse ears.

This is the first full-on princess movie I’ve gotten for my daughter. I’ve been a little paranoid about media in general since both of my kids were little, and recent articles like this don’t really help. I’ve also been conscious of the Disney-princess-machine since I had my daughter, and have shied away from princess things. But then I see an ad for Cinderella and I remind myself of two things: one, I loved princesses and Barbie when I was little and I turned out to be a reasonably productive citizen who just happens to be completely dependent on her husband for the time being (oh my god), and two, it’s JUST A MOVIE.

Anyways, I actually think there are some fine lessons for girls in Cinderella. For example, as a girl, it is awesome to get dressed up and go out — Cinderella needed a break, got herself all fancied up, went to a happening place, and danced with a cute boy. Good for her. Also, it sucks to lose a nice shoe. And being mean to your siblings just never turns out well. Beyond that, if my daughter is so influenced by a movie that she thinks a guy is going to solve all of her problems, then I’ve really screwed up, and not just by buying too much princess junk.

But like all things with my kids, I’m probably over-thinking it. As I type this, my daughter is playing dress-up. She dug past all the fluffy pink tutus and dresses and is wearing a knight’s outfit, holding a shield, and chasing her brother with a foam sword.

Maybe a princess movie would do her some good.

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