Issues of the Week

Holy crap, there is so much going on. I will address each issue John-McLaughlin-style, just because. ISSUE ONE: repeat of Great Pukefest of ’09? I went to pick LL up at her school yesterday, and her teacher – who looked totally shell shocked – met me outside and said, “Hey, watch out, you’re standing in the puke.” Never how you want to start a conversation. So turns out every single other baby in LL’s class was sent home for puking, and LL started in late last night. Looks like it’s our turn to get in on a little stomach virus action. Unlike our Great Pukefest of ’09, I am not breastfeeding this time, and the fact that LL is older this time around makes me much less nervous than last year. But I still have this totally antsy feeling and Evan and I keep looking at each other and saying, “IT’S A’COMIN’.” We’re stocked on Gatorade and Immodium, and luckily, Evan can be home with her today. I will keep you posted on the details. Or, not. ANSWER: a pukefest, yes, but not a great one. ISSUE TWO: is the DC house under contract? So we got a solid offer on our house, and it looks like we’re heading towards a mid-April-ish closing. Which means no double mortgage payment situation for our Great Urban Exodus to the ‘Burbs. (Bear with me, I’m enjoying big titles for totally boring events today.) I’m having a hard time imagining a new family in my house – that’s right, it still my house – but am super excited to move. ANSWER: why yes, it is, thank you for asking. ISSUE THREE: who the hell are Matt & Kim, and why have I never heard of them before? I heard their song Daylight on my way in to work this morning, and almost drove off the road I was so excited. So catchy and sweet, but with an edge. ANSWER: they are a band, and I am not cool enough to know of them, but here is Daylight anyways. Enjoy…

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