Sigh and double ugh

So two interesting things happened at work yesterday.  One, my boss “popped by” my office to introduce me to the general counsel of one of our biggest clients.  Right as I was wrapping up my research into a remote control fart machine ( – GO THERE NOW).  Luckily, I had just finished playing the sample fart noises and had mostly calmed myself down when they came in.  But I was reclined in my chair with my shoes off.  Sigh.  And two, I heard through the grapevine that a co-blabbermouth told someone that I hadn’t been working enough lately.  My first reaction wasn’t to get mad at him for gossiping or talking shit about me; it was to feel really bad.  It’s bad enough to feel guilty that I slack at work when home needs me a little more (or when I need home a little more), but to have someone else notice?  Ugh.  And not just notice, but feel the need to call me on it.  Ugh ugh.

This person is junior to me, so in bizarro law firm world, his opinion doesn’t really count for much.  My very understanding boss knows I work hard, keep strange hours, and occassionally come into work with mis-matched shoes and breast pump parts hanging out of my bag.   But hearing about the gossip did make me get in a little earlier today, and hold off on the fart machine research for a little while.

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