Nice to meet you

My three-year-old son told me this morning that now that he is big, he is a karate expert.  And then he punched the air “REALLY HARD” twice and then gave me a look like, “See, I am a bad ass.”  Oh, the confidence!  I have no idea what I’m going to say on this blog, or why or to whom, but here I am.  Inspired by my preschooler karate expert to just go ahead and do something already.  So hi.

I’m a working mom, which means a million different things to different people.  But for me, it means I’m a lawyer at a big DC law firm (which shall remain nameless) and have a three-year-old miniature black belt son (who, for the record, has never actually taken karate) and a very opinionated 15-month-old daughter whose hobbies include poking people (mainly me) in the face, doing the exact opposite of what I want her to do, and generally being squishy and adorable.  And my husband, oh my husband.  I don’t know how I got so lucky.  Some days I feel like I’m juggling it all well, some days I feel like I’m half-assing everything I do.  But most days I’m just getting along and trying to enjoy every second with my kids (even the poking in the face part) while not completely screwing something up at my job.

I started this blog because my friends tell me that I’m funny over email (they’re always quick to add the “over email” part, so as not to imply that I’m actually funny IN PERSON).  Also, because I feel like I’ve got some big decisions to make in the future (commit to my career?  move to the burbs?  get invested in “Conveyor Belt of Love”?) that could prove highly entertaining.  And I know these decisions are not unique — everyone I know seems to still be struggling to decide what they want to be when they grow up, and how to balance the crazy love you feel for your kids with functioning in the world — so I’m hoping to get perspectives from other people.  Who I don’t know and who may be completely loony.  Because, despite what my husband may say, I don’t really have enough of the loony point of view on things.

I have no idea how to end a blog post.  So good day.

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