Hey Ladies

There are too many lady-related topics in the news these days and I am overwhelmed with all of the things to discuss, probably because I am a lady and my brain is not equipped to handle more than one thing at a time (unless it is shoes or nagging, obvs). So I have made a quick list – read this, and you will be up to speed on all lady-related current events.

1. So you know Seth MacFarlane? Turns out, it’s not just his cartoon characters who are kind of obnoxious. Yes, he has a sweet little baby face and cleans up nice, but he managed to spend four hours hosting the Oscars repeatedly making jokes about everyone, but especially women. For example, how women can’t let something go (I know, it’s SO annoying how the lady character in Zero Dark Thirty really wanted to find Osama Bin Laden, WTF is her problem?!), how ladies show their BOOBIES in movies (often award-winning, critically acclaimed movies, but whatever, BOOBIES!), and women are most desirable when they’re super young and skinny. It made for an entertaining and kind of uncomfortable show, but I prefer Seth’s misogynistic and racist comedy better when it’s coming out of a cartoon character’s mouth – it feels a little less consequential.

2. Sheryl Sandberg wants ladies to “lean in” to the workplace and then meet with each other weekly to talk about how awesome it is to “lean in” (read a discussion of her new book here). It’s a fine point, except that women have been freaking leaning in for decades now and there’s still a lot of bullshit in the workplace, and I don’t know a single working woman who wants to get together weekly with other ladies to talk about how awesome it is to work harder. And earn less than their male counterparts. How about while we’re all leaning in, she can “lean in” herself and stop using her platform to tell women how to sit and talk in the office, and instead, support meaningful legislation to level the playing field? I haven’t read her book yet, so I should probably calm down. Must be my hypersensitive lady emotions at work!

3. Marissa Mayer got rid of telecommuting at Yahoo!. This feels like a lady-related issue to me, maybe just because a lady (and brand new mom) made the decision, but also because telecommuting was a lifesaver when I was a working mom. I didn’t have to write off the whole day when my kids got sick, I could be connected while also digging out from a huge pile of laundry, and could avoid counterproductive face time with annoying managers (not that I ever had any, natch). And in the wake of this policy change, I’ve read tons of headlines studies about how telecommuting actually boosts employee productivity and satisfaction (this article discusses some studies). What is Marissa thinking with this move? Probably about shoes, that’s what. Ladies!

4. Sonia Sotomayor and her remarkable teeth shut down a racist federal prosecutor in a well-articulated and very public fashion, just because she could. As my mom would say, you go, girl.

5. Closer to home, my own little lady has taken to leaving me status updates around the house. I applaud her hard work and direct communication style, something that all future working women need. We did have a talk about potty words, however. And ways to use them more often, and in brighter colors.

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